Authenticity Assessment

Would you like to understand yourself at a deeper and more profound level?
Many successful people have said that the first step to true success is self-knowledge. If you would like to gain the self-knowledge that leads to increased success, you have come to the right place. This site is designed to connect you with the most authentic and meaningful dimensions of yourself. By becoming more authentic you:

  • Increase your personal power
  • Positively impact your life
  • Engage in more cooperative relationships
  • Find ways to make your career more meaningful
  • Create abundance
  • Value life in new ways

If this sounds like you, take the Authenticity Assessment and be prepared to decode yourself and find your path to an authentic life. This short quiz is designed to help you see several things:

  1. How you are allowing your inner voice to guide you
  2. How others see your authenticity
  3. How you are sharing your natural gifts and talents with the world

Once you take the assessment, check your inbox right away for your resulting scores and some important next steps based on how your authentic path shows up. We promise you will walk away with greater clarity and confirmation about who you are, how you are living your life and how you can take immediate action to gain the self-knowledge that is an important step to true success.

For each of the questions below you are to consider the degree to which you have thought, communicated and acted upon each item. If the item is something that you have not given much thought to, move the slider toward “0”. If it is something that you have considered deeply and have made changes in your life so that the concept is fully integrated in your life, then your response is toward “10”.