Authenticity Assessment with Event Invite

Are You On The Right Path In Your Life?

It’s almost physically painful: to feel with all your being that you can do more, be more, give more and get more.

And not to do it.

  • Because you’re not sure what to do exactly.
  • Because you can’t afford to risk what you already have.
  • Because you struggle for time, energy and inspiration.

            It’s time you connect with your Authentic Self

If you leave aside everything everyone else wants for you, and everyone else’s definition of success, what would remain?

  • Who are you under all that?
  • What do you really want?

The Norma Hollis Authenticize Process provides a step-by-step system that allows you to reach deep within and connect with your powerful inner self and experience your authenticity.

Learn to connect with your intuition and build a partnership with your inner self that will give you clarity about your life purpose, confidence to act on it, and the inspiration to be persistent.

On this journey to yourself, you’ll learn:

  • Who you are, what you want, and what you’re willing and not willing to do to get it.
  • How to live a life that feels full, meaningful, and indescribably happy, even through challenging times.
  • How to love yourself unconditionally, inside and out. Self-love makes you raise your standards and propels you forward like nothing else.
  • Different ways to express yourself confidently and effectively.

The longest journey starts with a single step

For Norma Hollis, the creator of the Authenticity Assessment, it all started with a degree in Child & Family Life sciences. During her first career, she created multiple Child-Development programs for pre-school children that were offered with great success across two states.

In her second career she owned a speaker bureau. She met many speakers who had spent most of their careers in the corporate world when they came to her bureau. They shared a similar story of ‘losing’ sight of themselves while they became the person the work environment required of them. They were ready to become their authentic selves!

She wondered, how did happy-go-lucky preschool children turn into confused and stressed-out adults who had lost themselves in the process of their work? It seemed that many of them abandoned the expression of their natural gifts and talents in exchange for a guaranteed paycheck doing something they did not enjoy and that did not allow them to adequately express themselves.

Questions began to pile up, so Norma went looking for answers.

30 years later, she’s helped hundreds of people discover who they really are, embrace their natural talents and live a full life.

And it all starts with this free self-assessment, designed and improved by Norma Hollis over decades.

It’s your turn to take the first step

Answer these nine questions and gain clarity about where you are in your life, and where you want to be. The awareness and insight alone will be therapeutic—for sometimes all we need is to know the problem.

Or how can we solve it?

For each of the questions that follow, you are to consider the degree to which you have thought, communicated and acted upon each. If it is something that you have not given much thought to, move the slider toward “0”. If it is something that you have considered deeply and have made changes in your life so that the concept is fully integrated in your life, then your response is toward “10”.